Piercings are all walk in!!!

We are open Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 8pm.

Closed Sundays and Mondays

Piercing Prices
***Prices include standard jewelry*** (upgrades available for some piercings)
(If you do not see your desired piercing, feel free to give us a call or swing by the shop!)

Anti-Brow $40 
Anti-Tragus $40(surface) $60(dermal)
Belly Button $40
Cartilage $30
Conch $40
Daith $40
Dermals $60
Dimples $60
Eyebrow $40
Forward Helix $30
Genital $60-$90
Hips $60(surface) $90(dermal)
Industrial $40
Labret $40
Lip $40


Lobe $20per
Medusa $40
Monroe $40
Nape $40
Nipple $40(1) $60(2)
Nose $40
Rook $40
Septum $40
Smiley $40
Snug $40
Surface $40
Tongue $40
Tongue Web $40
Tragus $40

Under 18?


​If you're under the age of 18 by state law we need one thing from each of these bullet points.


  • Photo ID for minor (for earlobes only, the photo ID for the minor is not required)

    • State issued ID

    • Driving permit

    • School ID

    • Recent Yearbook 

    • Passport

    • Military ID

  • State or government issued ID for parent/guardian 

    • License

    • State ID

    • Passport

    • Military ID

  • Birth certificate for minor (The official one from the state, not the one from the hospital)

    • If adopted we'll need the adoption paperwork

    • If living with guardian we'll need the court documented guardianship papers

    • Foster Children will need a letter (on letterhead) from the caseworker stating that the foster parent can sign for the piercing.  It can for a specific piercing for one visit, or it can state for any piercing.​

This is all required by the health department and our insurance agency.  The employees cannot and will not make any exceptions to this.