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Piercings are all walk in!!!

All piercings require a VALID photo ID

ALL MINORS require paperwork shown on the bottom of this page!!!

We are open Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 8pm.


Closed Sundays and Mondays

Under 18?


​If you're under the age of 18 by state law we need one thing from each of these bullet points.


  • Photo ID for minor (earlobes only do not require photo ID for minor)

    • State issued ID

    • Driving permit

    • School ID

    • Recent Yearbook 

    • Passport

    • Military ID

    • Tribal ID (if it has a photo)

  • State or government issued ID for parent/guardian 

    • License

    • State ID

    • Passport

    • Military ID

  • Birth certificate for minor (The official one from the state, not the one from the hospital)

    • If adopted we'll need the adoption paperwork

    • If living with guardian we'll need the court documented guardianship papers

    • Foster Children will need a letter (on letterhead) from the caseworker stating that the foster parent can sign for the piercing.  It can for a specific piercing for one visit, or it can state for any piercing.​

This is all required by the health department and our insurance agency.  The employees cannot and will not make any exceptions to this.

We are down to one tattoo artist at this time.  We are doing simple, smaller tattoos on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  Please message through facebook messenger or email with questions about tattoos.

We can not and will not tattoo anyone under 18!

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